BlowPony gallops to a new stable


DJ Airick spinning it at Blow Po

Blow Pony, the popular dance party for alterna-queers in town has been in the spotlight more for its recent drama than its good times but hopefully that’s a’changin’ when the pony stables up at its new digs at Branx (320 SE Second) this Saturday.

Despite all the drama, the party must canter on. It is time to turn our attention to the excitement that a new, larger space holds for Blow Pony. The highly sexual horse is back on the trail with a “Don’t call it a comeback!” mantra that promises tranny-on-tranny action, pocket dykes, limp-wristed bears and any other queer thing you can dream up Saturday, August 29.

The dark, double-decker inner eastside venue Branx is the perfect continuation of the seedy side that the Eagle Underground worked so well. However, the new digs offer more space, especially once Blow Pony is able to expand into upper venue Rotture. Various stairs and levels may also make for interesting go-go dancing spots, and though you’re likely to wait nearly as long for your libation as at past Ponys, the drink you finally get will be a strong hit to your gullet. Go ahead, journey to the BP’s new eastside home, whose party is sure to ride you every bit as hard and raunchy as it ever did. And it hurts so good.

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  • Thanks for all your coverage of Blow Pony! Last night our relaunch at Branx was a smashing success! We are incredibly excited to continue growing over the coming months and have lots of fun surprises in the works!