Some words on the SMRT…

An undated photo of the SMRT Pride group

An undated photo of the SMRT Pride group

So I just got back from the SMRT (Sexual Minorities Round Table) and I want to gather my thoughts a bit before I post a full on response, but my first thought is that overall my experience was mixed.

I feel like there were some great contributors there who really cared, I think that there *is* a lot of interest from the police in this issue, but at the same time I feel myself wondering about some of the motivations that stand behind both attendees and organizers of the SMRT.

I enjoyed and appreciated the open conversation, and I applaud that the organizers took the time to respond to all our of our questions and comments and listened to what we had to say, but I also felt that it will take real commitment and more than politics to resolve the obvious division between us (the people) and them (the police).

More to come as soon as I’ve had some lunch and had a chance to catch up with my day job.

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  • My name is Not a Good Queer, I did not tell my story of Queer Bashing at the Sexual Minorities Roundtable. I have attended in the past and tried to tell my story of abuse but I was shut down by the chair William Warren. Warren could not stop the stories this time as the local queer press showed up and channel 2 news outside the building.

    I was glad to hear others speak loudly about the lack of their gender identification written in police reports. This is a way for them to say that they have less cases of bias crimes then they had last year. Their is no outside agentcy that does statistics of Queers who cannot get police reports. No the Independent Police Review Board does not does this nor does Basic Rights Oregon. Nobody, which is why the bashing against Queers continues and rises without any accountability.

    Oh and yes, I loved BUSEY giving us his resume before he spoke, Retire Busey, I like to knock the false teeth off your mouth as you smile and fuck us at the same time. You are a good queer who turns their backs and help hides the truth.

    Oh, I won three civil rights cases with the state of Oregon. I believe I am the only one who has won a gender discrimination finding so does this mean I should give my resume to speak. Nobody cared Busey!

    I also did not see a single trans employee from the county or the city. None which is why the trans issues are so problematic.

    Not a Good