Invasion got its gloss on…and it was great


All 4 signature drinks from left to right: Blueberry, Basil, Pomegranate and Lavender Glosses.

All I can say is that organizer Carlee Smith puts on a damn good party, and the newly opened Invasion Atomic Lounge (412 SW 4th) is the perfect swanky spot in which to host it.

Opening night was the perfect melding of delicious drinks and alcohol soaked nibbly things, wandering chit chat, and aurally satisfying relaxation. And even though I love to dance, the space to simple sit and chill was a nice change of pace from the usual cramped hot quarters of other bars.

The cavernous space of Invasion felt a bit empty in the early hours but we quickly found the gaggle upstairs. By later in the evening it was full enough to feel happening, with plenty of room left over to find a seat and enjoy your truly delicious cocktail, that you probably only had to wait mere moments for, though they are elegantly mixed right in front of you. You are even allowed to carry them outside while you enjoy the summer air or have a smoke. There is no claustrophobic rope, so the only catch here is that your behind must be firmly in a seat. However, this simply provided ample opportunity to meet new ladies.

Indeed, one of Gloss’s strengths was its draw from the dyke populations throughout the East and West sides so that while there were many familiar faces, there were plenty new ones as well. As someone who tends to firmly plant myself in the 4th and 5th quadrants, this was a welcome mixture. At one point I even leaned over the bartender and exclaimed, “This is just about the only bar that can make me cross the river!”

In return she handed me a full and happy hour menu to take home. The Gloss drink specials featured four fantastic cocktails all for $5 bucks. The happy hour menu features only one signature drink daily at that price but I have faith that anything they mix will be delicious. And to add $4 wine and bubbly, $3 well drinks, $2 mini-plates and $1 Pabst cans I might even work off all that food and drink as I ride my bike downtown every afternoon. It is really worth the trek.

Even daytime coffee drinks look tempting, and I kind of can’t wait to sip a personal pot of french press amidst the 50s kitsch while I punch in the letters of this very blog. Because I think Invasion might just be my new favorite bar, and Gloss its shiny crowning jewel of a night.

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