Homo’s Got Talent

homo-talentWe all know Oregon queers have got it going on, but we also have a sense of humor. So this Saturday will see us putting our hip swaying to the test with a spoof of reality television dance shows.

Homo’s Got Talent, perfectly situated in the E Room‘s dark tomb (3701 SE Division), gives local performers a chance to compete to win prizes from local businesses as well as the prestigious title of “Portland’s Top Homo Dancer.” It will be hosted by Pant’s Off Productions‘ flashy gender bender Max Voltage who has promised that the evening will be,

… chock full of drama, choreography, absurdity, shiny costumes and outrageous homosexuality. Plus, stick around for a post-show dance party! $5 Cover. Sponsors include Portland Center Stage, Performance Works NW, KO&Co, SinnSavvy Productions, Open Hands Acupuncture, Diesel Femme, MotherWit, and Optic Nerve Arts.

And if that’s not enough to get you off the couch, rumor has it the brightly caped crusader SuperGay! will be in attendance. So come early, a superhero’s dance card will fill early.

1 comment to Homo’s Got Talent

  • this was an amazingly talented, ridiculous and shameless show – these are a few of my favorite things. portland queers represent the tastiest flavors, and this show was a smorgasbord, for sure!