Don’t forget to Gloss tonight before you enjoy some Fruitcake on Friday

fruitcake-julyDon’t you hate it when your favorite blog doesn’t update for days and then returns with some lame excuse about personal drama and stress? That should never happen, especially for a queer blog…

Luckily there are many places to drown your sorrows when you haven’t heard from me in days. You could even buy me a drink there!

Firstly, Invasion‘s (412 SW 4th) new night Gloss is not to be missed. You can read my full review of the last event if you don’t believe me. It is billed as a ladies night, and we do intend to take the focus, but there’s usually some juicy man meat to be had as well. If nothing else there’s the hunky DJ Girlfriends will be in attendance, who, along with fellow regular Mr. Charming, create a perfectly balanced musical backdrop.

And if you still need to get your dance on after Gloss’s perfect pre-funk, head up to Fame.

But just remember to save some energy for Friday’s Fruitcake at Rumpspankers (700 NE Dekum). With DJ Freddie Fagula guest appearing featuring new wave, post-punk, electro and no wave, it should be a doozey. In his own words:

Queer Punks and Friends in Portland: I want you to come dance with me to really good music. It’s Fruitcake. It’s Friday night. If you don’t come, you cannot complain to me anymore about other nights that play music that is too gaystream for you.

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