Pride’s Saturday night happenings


Dyke March 2007

If you have successfully made it through both Thursday and Friday then congratulations! You are now ready for Pride’s biggest night, and the reason Sunday’s parade always kicks off just a little late.

Dyke March

The night starts early with the traditional Dyke March beginning in the North Park blocks at 6pm with a march step-off at 7. A veritable meet and greet of all your exes (if you’re part of the dyke/trans community) it is most certainly the see and be scene pre-function of the night.

L4L.PDX and Hot Flash

It’s poor planning, in my opinion, to have these 2 soirees for the over 35 lesbian crowd not only at the same granny dinner time but also the same time as the Dyke March. Just because you’re over 35 doesn’t mean you can’t walk…Nevertheless, if you’d rather sit an swill with the grownups than shake your fists with the baby dykes you can head out to L4L.PDX at Embers (110 NW Broadway) from 5-8:45pm or Hot Flash at Barracuda (9 NW 2nd Ave) from 5-9pm.

Blo Pony Cruise

Everyone favorite freak dance party is taking to the high seas with a booze cruise to start the evening. If you haven’t gotten tickets by now you’re most likely SOL, but all ye landbubbers can contine the party at BP’s regular location for dancing the rest of the night. TrannyShack and Sissyboy favs will make attendance almost mandatory.

Pride is a Verb dance party

Verb began as an action (get it?) to save one of America’s last feminist bookstores, In Other Words. Indulge your sexy librarian fetish at the fabulous NEPDX lesbo bar Zaytoons.

Out Like That’s Get Out!

Arguably the largest lady party of the weekend, Get Out is going to be a party palace. Steamy theme should make the 1000 sweaty girls dancing a scorcher. And some new faces? You bet!

E Room‘s Big One

Portland’s only all the time ladies bar will have events every single night of Pride. But Saturday is supposed to be the big ‘un. With all the competition I have no idea what the E Room will look like but wandering around the 3 distinctly different rooms, especially if you’re a karaoke fan, is always fun. And there’s sure to be some cute out-of-towners.


Falcon favorites the Jarics will be at Red Cap Garage

In its 6th year the annual Slaughters beach party is a great excuse to get into that overpriced teeny bikini you just baught at Under U 4 Men and show off those rock hard abs you’ve been working on all winter, but without sand getting in all the naughty places.

Scandals‘ Under the Big Top dance party

The generally superchill gay men’s lounge Scandals takes this opportunity to be part of the traditional Stark Street Triangle shenanigans including hosting a block party all weekend, and busting out the grooves Saturday night with Jen Folker and DJ Robb.

Fluid and Video Mash Mix Show at Boxxes/Red Cap

Falcon Studio boys shake it in showers featuring Jarics vs. Benjamin Bradley and Roman Heart. Tunes by Harmonix. Next door at Boxxes keep your eyes glued to the screen with FSO VJing on 9 screens. Whoa…

Grand Opening Party of Portland’s new Gay Lounge at 412 SW 4th Avenue, Invasion. We will have an open bar from 9-10 pm on Saturday June 13th!

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