Pictures from BearTown and Latino Gay Pride


Wrestlers duke it out at La Lucha: Latino Gay Pride

Firstly, just in time for Pride, qPDX would like to welcome a new team member, the illustrious Stephen Cassell, who jumped right into the fray this weekend. The busy man about town managed to get to both Latino Gay Pride and BearTown 14. And to share with you his whirlwind of a weekend are 3 very special photo galleries.

Firstly, last Friday Latino Gay Pride kicked off with a VIP and dance party at Boxxes. Snapshots show fashion trends after my own half Latina little heart ala Aaron Riding’s bowtie and zippy ensemble. Fabulous.

La Lucha continued Saturday with yet another celebration at the Jupiter Hotel. There’s just something satisfying about getting your summer drink and dance onwhile the sun is still shining on your frolicking.

Never to be outdone, however, BearTown 14 also took up some queer space this weekend. Casell managed to cull his hundreds of photos to a mere 27, but there are still enough hairy bellies and dolled up Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to quench even the manliest grizzly thirst. Back hair, rawr!

We’re so happy to have you on board Stephen!

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