Out Like That lady party 2009 – Get Out!

getoutposterThe largest lezzie party of the year gets a writeup in Just Out:

Being more a fan of the intimate, cramped party than big blowouts, I almost didn’t attend the inaugural Out Like That Productions Pride celebration last year. That would have been a mistake. And though I’m disappointed the sophomore bash won’t be in the balmy confines of the Jupiter Hotel courtyard, the Mt. Tabor Theater’s antique charms are sure to win me over when Get Out! Pride 2009 happens Saturday, June 13.

Organizer and DJ Melora Shapiro says the event came about “to give the women’s community an event that was uniquely Portland. We wanted to have each event decorated differently with a different feel for each of them.

“We have had different DJs, go-go’s, artists and performers along with the core group [so that] you’re also getting a good visual experience.”

This year’s unofficial theme seems to be hot hot heat. DJ Chelsea Starr, from San Francisco’s famed Hot Pants, along with DJ Wildfire (Hot Flash) and Zita will melt down dancers’ body paint. Miss Germany will provide fire dancing, and the steamy scene continues with contortionist Blaze.

Even the non-flame-named performances are scorching. I caught All of the Above at the first installment of Kick/Ball/Change, and the duo pulls off routines that are as fun as they are fashionable. Their adept moves are delivered with an irreverence that makes for an overwhelmingly accessible, if awe-inspiring show. Ladykilla Loves Pegatron is a newer dance team that will be appearing with Out Like That for the first time.

The evening is emceed by the indomitable Zora Phoenix, who hosts to the HIV+-positive Charged at CC Slaughters and an assortment of other events.

And because the 2008 shindig was such a sold-out success, Get Out! Pride 2009 has added a dance floor. Last year’s 850 guests are expected to increase to 1000 sweaty lady bodies. With double the dance space you’re bound to encounter at least a few new faces, especially refreshing for a city that so often feels more like a small town.

Get Out! Pride 2009 takes place Sat., June 13, 8 p.m., Mt. Tabor Theater, 4811 SE Hawthorne, $10 advance, $15 door, 503-891-0886,

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