Open Thread: Pride Week/End

Its Pride Time

It's Pride Time, thanks Colin for being my sideburn ambition

I’m starting off Queer Pride Week (I’m no longer saying Gay Pride…reclaim it queerbos) with a lot of coffee, leftover homemade Pizza for breakfast and kisses from a beautiful woman. And a bunch of mundane work. And trying to keep my shit together because there is for this week. You?

Comment! What are you up to this week? Where areyou going this weekend? What makes this week special for you? Share your stories with us. Go.

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  • adinalepp

    When the terrible thunderstorm passes, I'll fly straight to Homoland to participate with every once of my being in the ridiculousness of Pride on a farm full of radical queerbo freaks in rural Tennessee. I will sleep in a tent, probably shower in a stream and eat my meals communl style with veggies picked straight from the land. By the time Pride rolls around for real, I'll be all femmed out and ready to rock my uncle's wedding (which will also be on an organic farm).

    But that's not all. I'll also be celebrating my Pride for real hella homo style, in San Francisco.

    Once the adventures begin, I will be posting pictures/stories for your amusement.

  • SvitlanaMozgova

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  • piskodrocho

    I want to listen good music!