Off Topic: Perrywinkle needs a home in SE

I’m looking to move down to Hawthorne/Division/Clinton and surrounding areas and am looking for housemates to start a house with or an open room in a house.

Hiya, if you’re reading this blog then you know who I am -on of the writers of course. And I’m currently on the lookout for chill housemates to start a house with, or an open room. I can pay max 400ish (including some bills). Ideally less. Looking to move between mid/end july and mid/end august.

The basics:

-I’m going to be a full time student at Reed College(English/Lit/Writing/Linguistics) starting this fall with a full ride
-I’m very clean, and a clean house is important to me. Yes it is. I usually end up doing more than my share to keep the house the way i like it.
-don’t have to cook/eat meat in the house (go tempeh! go veggies!) but I’m not strictly a vegetarian or vegan
-no pets but I love them, no allergies. I have some “stuff” but don’t need major major storage space
-need workshop area for bike repair and fast internet (these are deal breakers pretty much)
-Moderate drinker, occasional smoker, but never in the house. Completely drug free but don’t mind occasional 420 around me
-must be a very queer/trans friendly house

Some more:
-like to garden, sew and cook fancy meals when I have time. I would definately be down for helping out with a garden, but I don’t know if I have the time/energy to start one from scratch
-love to have some communal time with housemates (family dinner?) – but I have a big circle of friends too and am quite independent and often busy with projects
-love to build shit, make shit, dream up stuff, get dressed up. I have a high energy level-but I’m not annoyingly hyperactive. I’m ambitious, driven, funny, smart
-well read, well traveled, love languages, learning new things, going new places and sharing my experiences
-love strong coffee, whiskey ginger and italian food!

-Love playing noisy electronic music (not after bedtime), dancing, going out. Love quiet time, being chill, sitting and thinking, reading, writing short stories and poetry, studying and being academic, naps.

-Work out a lot…running, swimming, cycling
-ID as genderqueer, I’m often poly, definitely dating…if you have problems with me having a houseguest 2-3 times a week then it won’t work!

Interested? Get in touch with me. I’m a fun, chill, likable, reliable, trustworth housemate, I promise!

perry at qpdx dot com

i look forward to hearing from you soon!

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