National News: CNN runs “front-page” story on gay immigration (in)equality

As a queer person, and as an immigrant into what is widely known as the “toughest country to get in to” in the world, I am constantly reminded of the inequality people face in this country who are involved in binational same-sex couples.I don’t have a Green Card, I am not allowed to work, I receive no government support, I am constant danger of my visa being revoked. As a student, I am forced to pay extortionate out of state tuition that is three times that of in-state tuition, and even if I were in a committed long term relationship, I would not be able to get a green card through my partner. I am actively discriminated against because of both my citizenship and my sexuality.

Whatever your stance is on gay marriage – there is one thing you can’t get around: the right to sponsor a partner for a green card. No matter how many individual states accept gay marriage or even civil unions: Immigration is a federal issue, and is governed by federal laws. This CNN front page article outlines the problems faced by binational couples across the US. We will keep reporting the progress of the UAFA (uniting american families act, a bill that changes the wording of immgration legislation from “spouse” to “partner”) that will finally end the harassment and discrimination binational same-sex couples face.

Please support the UAFA!! Call your congressperson and urge them to support equality by voting for the UAFA!!! Immigration equality for all!

Same-sex couples fight for immigration rights

Jared was forced to choose between a dying father and the love of his life.

Karin Bogliolo, left, and her partner, Judy Rickard, say as they approach their 70s, all they want is to live together.

Judy Rickard had to quit her job and lose her full pension to be with the one she loved.

Martha McDevitt-Pugh packed up and moved to another country to be with her future spouse.

“Nobody should be in that position. Nobody should have to be an exile,” Rickard said.

But all three said their hands were forced by federal immigration laws that don’t allow Americans to sponsor their foreign-born same-sex partners for citizenship as a man may do for his wife or a woman for her husband.

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