Gender-bender recap and photos


The River City Riders

A great way to kick off Pride, last night’s Gender Bender at the E Room had all the right trappings. There were various forms of drag and performance, fund-raising and drama. Oh, and some really amazing outfits that you can check out in our extensive Gender Bender photo gallery.

Openers That’s What She Said were a welcome musical surprise. Totally irreverent the punk-rock-in-attitude band had a little bit of drag, a little bit of comedy and a whole lotta rock. I especially appreciated making fun of Tegan and Sara.

But my favorite act of the night was probably The River City Riders sporting afros and pink briefs. I mean, there ain’t nothin’ like girl-boys in tighty-whities (pinkies?).

Untrained, I‘s dual tone dancing was not new to me, having seen it at Kick/Ball/Change, but it was just as entertaining and on point as it was the first time. And the E Kings, while not terribly impressive in their casual outfits (with a couple notable exceptions), were nevertheless, cute and amusing.

The Rose City Sirens are that perfect Tina-Fey-like combination of hot and funny, and their acts had just enough boob baring to be called burlesque. I see big things, like cable TV appearances, in their future. Although they had some competition from the show’s own EmceeIAm, who also did a bit of stripping throughout the show. First it was just the ‘stache, but then the pants came off to reveal white boxer briefs. The tease might need a little work though…

As for the B.B. Dolls? Those femme fatales are straight up singing superstars.

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