Gay and grownup theater: ‘Glory Hole-llelujah!’

glory-holeNavigating the singles scene is a complicated affair for anyone. In a brave new world of internet dating juxtaposed with the traditions surrounding gay male courtship, sex and dating can be a scary, lonely and confusing world of inconsistencies wherein emotions and physical needs battle it out in the playing field of your inner psyche. Exploring these opposing forces is just what Glory Hole-llelujah! At Brody Theater June 12 and 13 aims to do.

Glory Hole-llelujah! is a show about one gay man’s travail through the lands of easy semi-anonymous sex to the deeper seas of new found love. The heartbroken, horny and bewildered among us are sure to find moments of understanding, if not clarity as we follow the protagonist through the seas of 21st century queer partner-seeking.

The audience is encouraged to fashion their own cardboard cutout as big as their fist to watch the show through. Besides lending to the voyeuristic nature of the show, it will also give insight into the varied sizes of audience member hands. It feels almost like exposing yourself a bit, even as you play the part of watcher.

Indeed participants could take it even further, by decorating their own anonymous sex holes with meaningful accoutrements. There is room for self-expression, even in the most seemingly mundane and interchangeable sexual encounters. Once we realize our need for self-expression does that lead to a need for love and genuine interaction?

A play for both the lover and the cynic, Glory Hole-llelujah! promises to be itself a genuine interaction that will leave your heart, head and loins pondering together in some sort of unity, even if it is slightly syncopated.

Glory Hole-llelujah! plays Friday and Saturday June 12 and 13, 10:30pm at the Brody Theater (16 NW Broadway) $8 and $5 for students with ID, 503-224-2227

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