Family Pride

familyprideWhy should only grownups get to wear rainbows? Yes, some aspects of Pride are about celebrating our sexuality, but mahy are also about celebrating our identities and communities. Children are a big part of those! So whether Heather has two mommies, two daddies, or thinks she might be a boy, it’s time to get together at the Q Center (4115 N Mississippi) this Sunday afternoon for crafting, music, food and fun at Family Pride!

Family Pride is a time for the kids to play with other children, and parents to socialize with each other. Everyone gets to have a good time…

Arts-n-Crafts, games, music…it’s all waiting for you and your family at Family Pride.

We’re also really excited to welcome back the Portland Children’s Museum as a participant with this event. They’ll be on hand to facilitate fun and exciting craft projects!

Bring a white T-shirt to decorate!

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