Who is SuperGay?

Who is SuperGay?

SuperGay was spotted in Portland, OR - who is this queer superhero?

It has come to’s attention that a mysterious character known only as SuperGay has been spotted flying around town (and in the bean aisle at Fred Meyer) sporting a rainbow cape and a spandextastic outfit, and campaigning for the rights of queer people everywhere. I caught up with SuperGay on a local rooftop, where zhe was polishing their silver mirrored goggles with their rainbow cape, but before I could ask SuperGay how we can contact them, they just said “Same gay time, same gay channel” (I assume that means logo, but i don’t have cable) and flew off into the sunset with a barbie doll, a GI Joe, and a My Little Pony Unicorn clutched tightly to their chest. (the modern equivalent of riding off into the sunset, with the guy/girl i suppose)

Even though I feel sure that SuperGay borrowed their tagline from Batman, I can’t help but wonder what this SuperGay is all about. What is their special power? Cause every superhero can fly, right…there must be something else. How gay is SuperGay? What will we find if we strip off SuperGay’s spandex suit? Who is SuperGay’s real life alter ego? How can we *really*contact  SuperGay (text messaging??) Will SuperGay help us overthrow prop 8? Will SuperGay be seen at Pride?

If you see SuperGay, please tell them we are looking for them –  promises not to reveal your identity to the public. We can be found at the bar, or naked on Sauvie’s…

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