Multimedia superstars Fischerspooner at the Wonder Ballroom


Fischerspooner's new album 'Entertainment'

Originally a duo formed by classically trained musician Warren Fischer and video-artist and experimental theater performer Casey Spooner for an impromptu rendition of their makeshift track “Indian Cab Driver” at the Astor Place Starbucks, the group grew to over 20 performers, most of whom are dancers and guest vocalists. Combining elements performance art, theater, fashion and multimedia Fischerspooner puts on a show that is flamboyant frivolous and avant-garde all at once.

Frontman Casey Spooner describes the show accompanying their newly released album, Entertainment, as:

…not like any show we have done before. The songs of the current album and other songs from our catalogue are set against a visual and sonic collage made from disparate literary and historical sources and theatrical traditions – the US space program in the 60’s, Noh and Kabuki theater, Flamenco, Mark Twain and other disparate sources.  It sounds strange and ridiculous but it all adds up. It becomes a very American story about ambition, experimentation, danger and the frontier. We wanted to create a show where it was impossible to decipher history or specific references. We are in a different place a decade later and this show reflects that.

Combining the style and garishness of 90s club kid mania with skillfull and eclectic musicianship, Fischerspooner is a full sensory experience that will fill the Wonder Ballroom Monday night with light and sound that fills the audience with awe.

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