More Beau Breedlove/Sam Adams drama: phone calls and Willamette Week interview

Oregonian file photo of Sam Adams

Oregonian file photo of Sam Adams

This week has produced some updates in the ongoing Mayor Sam Adams/Beau Breedlove inquiry when The Oregonian published a story chronicaling Adams’ 33 phone calls to the underage Breedlove.

Adams’ phone records show he made most of the calls to Breedlove in the weeks after they met in March 2005. Three months later Breedlove turned 18, the age of consent in Oregon. The records don’t show when Breedlove made calls to Adams…

…These records and interviews show that the Adams-Breedlove relationship grew earlier than previously known. Both Adams and Breedlove declined to comment…

…Adams personally gave The Oregonian his phone records and blacked out what he said were personal calls except for those to Breedlove. The billings don’t show the source of incoming calls, nor do they provide a record of text messages.

Adams made most of the calls between March 31 and May 9, and many lasted just one minute.

The article also includes an audio interview with WW’s Nigel Jaquiss wherein Adams denies allegations of his affair with Breedlove mere days before he publicly confessed.

And while it is most certainly interesting to actually be able to hear Jaquiss’ deadpan questions and Adams’ blatant lies, this interview is not new news. Nor do I think multiple one minute phone calls, evidence of which was supplied by the Mayor, is particularly revealing.

However, the investigation into timeline and story disparities is. I want to believe in Sam, but I have also heard the opinion that he is simply playing into Portland politics by espousing all the wonderful green things this city so loves. And if there is anything I dislike more than hearing out and out lies from a politician, it is hearing disingenuous speeches about the issues I, and my fellow Portlanders, actually care about very much.

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