Get your Rose City Sirens blaring with ‘Air Raid’

rcr-air-raidFemme burlesque superstars the Rose City Sirens are ready to make a grand re-entrance Thursday night at the Egyptian Room (3701 SE Division St) with a brand new show aptly named “Air Raid.” Sure to be loud and raucous, the stage will also be graced by loveable drag kings the River City Riders. And when the groups collide? Well, just make sure you’re braced (under your desk perhaps?) for the invasion.

Looking coy as ever in black and pink lingerie, the Sirens are sure to make this show a special one. Rumor has it the ladies may be attempting a tour next, and as we all know that is make or break time. So best to catch them on the upswing. And catch them early, because this show is likely to sell out.

The River City Riders are also busting out with fresh new numbers. The first will feature a departing founding member before the troupe moves on to showcase its new lineup. It should be a fond farewell and a funky, suave, if not altogether smooth, transition.

So get your sirens ready to blow because this mix of masculine, feminine and genderqueer sexual energies is likely to bring the E Room’s Tomb to its knees. You know there’s gotta be something in it for you.

Hosted by EmceeIAm, 21+ $10 at the door

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