Bounce’s first night out

This dabulous fur coat, modeled here by DRun, came courtesy the impeccably dressed Shannon H. It was gleefully passed around

This fabulous fur coat, modeled here by DRun, came courtesy the impeccably dressed Shannon H. It was gleefully passed around

When I see cupcakes and donuts at a size-positive event the stereotype occasionally makes me cringe. But then at about midnight I get the munchies and am super stoked that I don’t have to make my ride stop at a bad 24 hour fast food joint to satisfy my drunken cravings. Indeed, this measure of skepticism, relief and fun were a good characturization of the first ‘Bounce.’

Arriving much earlier than my usual fashionably late, Holocene’s vast space felt unpopulated. And after multiple Saturday nights of scarcely being able to move it was a bit sparse. But it was by no means empty. It was nice to only wait 10 minutes for a drink and to actually be able to interact with the various pockets of friends without having fight a tide of drunken baby butches.

As for the buxom go go dancers, I could not have been more pleased. One individual began the evening in a pesudo-primordial fabulous faux fur caveman outfit and ended with a sparkly gold hooded cape that could not be ignored. And while this dancer may have been my favorite, Mason’s bunny head and nipple tassles were also most definitely impressive.

DJ Beyonda, ironically one of the skinniest people I have ever seen, kept the dance floor reasonably hopping but interest waxed and waned and most of the night was spent deciding whether or not we were feeling a particular tune.

I did not stay long enough for the auction but tickets to the 30 dollar Blo Po Cruise was pretty good raffle ticket incentive. And it was nice to have a few choice items of clothing up for auction. It brought focus to the water, photobooth, coat stash corner that also welcomed voting for Fat Fancy in their small business grant challenge. Although, the site’s need for login, or a separate IP address, or something, made drunken voting near impossible, the effort was valiant and I will most certainly vote for Fat Fancy while at home. (You can vote 3 times, for inpsiring, useful and funny!)

All in all fruitcake’s FF benefit party made for a more community minded and laughter-filled good time, but Holocene can indeed bring it to a bigger audience. I wish them all the luck in the world, but you will most likely catch me at the smaller fundraisers.

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