The inaugural Lube Job in review

Photo courtesy Marty Davis / Just Out

Photo courtesy Marty Davis / Just Out

Aside from the fact that Red Cap might not be a terribly safe place to leave an open bar tab it’s a solid venue with just the right amount of indoor and outdoor seating, dancing and standing looking butch and cool watching the dance floor areas. Once you ad lube wrestling, you really can’t go wrong.

Despite the slow trickle of patrons and a night quite full house at performance time, Lube Job, made for an exceptional Wednesday. And yes, it is really fun to watch two ladies and two gentlemen duke it out, all slippery like, in an wildly in appropriately pastel blow up kiddie pool. It was all I could do to get my sweaty palms around a dollar bill to throw at their feet and asses, so shiny in the warm club air.

Emcee Ezmerelda was appropriately excited and casual, and quite the striking vision in gold. Backing her and the performers up all evening were the extremely complimentary sounds of DJs Girlfriends, Automaton and Freddie Fagula. They kept it up all night long and if there was ever a lull in the dancing the responsibility most certainly fell to us.

A Wednesday night may be a tough sell, and now there’s a few options, but Lube Job is likely to stick around. As summer nears we all just have to remember how we used to party all week long. Because, you know, we can…

Thanks to Marty from Just Out for staying sober enough to take pictures. As soon as the gallery is posted I will link to it.

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