Tamara got her Gutz Out and now she needs your help

Tomorrow night is a busy one, but it’s worth going out a little early to catch the Gutz Out benefit at In Other Words bookstore (8 N. Killingsworth & Williams) from 6-9pm.

The intimate space will be emceed by Ezmerelda of “Fat Fancy” and Max Voltage of “Untrained I” and feature a diverse array of Portland performance artists including:

  • Sneakin Out!!
  • Sossity Chiricuzio (of “Dirty Queer”)
  • Grey Anne!!!
  • Acrobatics by the CoG!
  • Chica Y Los Gatos
  • Jake Kelly
  • Heather Hawkins (“Seman Balloons” comedy gal!)
  • Anna Finklestein

With a sliding scale beginning at only 3 bucks and a goal of a totally attainable $557 Gutz Out is likely to be the perfect Saturday prefunction. And you can feel good about yourself, even knowing how screwed up the American healthcare system is. Tamara J Brown is a prominent member of our community who continually works to promote queer events and entertainment. She deserves our support. And for the nosy among you (hey, me too) here’s what happened from Tamara:

On Feb 18th 2009 I was rushed to Legacy Emanuel hospital and had emergency surgery for an incarcerated hernia that was strangulated (my large intestine was caught in my abdominal wall and become kinked so nothing including blood could pass!) If i had not gone to the hospital, which i never do normally, i would have died in my bed.

Now i have a plastic plate in my person that is keeping my large intestine in place and it will stay there foreva!

I have no health insurance and have not been able to work at all until the past week in baby steps. u just never know how long you got right?!!! hope your well! yay to life!!!! love your colon!

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