Queer Pride Week at PCC Sylvania

There’s a lot of us queerions that make our way through the pathways of PCC Cascade on a daily basis, so I sometimes forget that the main campus is really Sylvania, even if it is all the way out in the ‘burbs. And this week is Sylvania’s Queer Pride Week, put on by their Women’s Resource Center.

Events include:

April 13: Queer Resource Fair in the Lower CC Mall from 11am-1pm. (Uh, yeah, that was yesterday. Guess I dropped the ball on that one)

April 14: Queer Terms Presentation. Come learn the words people in the Queer community use to identify their different sexualities. 3-5pm in the Cedar Room

April 15: Safer Sex 400. This workshop will focus on safer sex within queer relationships. 3-5pm in the Pine Room

April 16: Autry will be performing in the CC building; Autry is a popular singer/song-writer within the Portland Queer Community. 1pm in the Lower CC Mall.

April 17: National Day of Silence. The Day of Silence, is a project aims to bring LGBT students and their allies together with a vow of silence for the day to bring attention to the name-calling, bullying and harassment — in effect, the silencing — experienced by queer students and their allies.

Following the day of silence will be a “Night of Noise,” benefit for SMYRC at the Jupiter Hotel. You can read about it in Just Out now and I will repost Thursday or Friday to remind you.

2 comments to Queer Pride Week at PCC Sylvania

  • Sylvania is SO not in the ‘burbs. It’s in Portland proper. Yes, its on the LO/Beaverton border, there are donut places and a few dirty toy stores not too far away and a lot of chain food places. I live out there, so by definition, it’s downtown.

  • BrittanyJeanine

    I would like to second that. I come from the ultimate ‘burbs so I can definitely tell the difference.

    And thanks for posting. Sylvania is my campus and I didn’t even know this was happening.

    Definitely go out and support “Night of Noise” as well as SMYRC. SMRYC saved my queer little self in HS. Go SMYRC!