New music video for MEN, by K8 Hardy

Men: Ginger Brooks, Takahashi, JD Samson and Michael O’Neill

MEN, a project largely piloted by Le Tigre’s JD Samson, now includes Michael O’Neill (Princess, Ladybug Transistor) and Ginger Brooks Takahashi (LTTR, The Ballet) with Johanna and artist Emily Roysdon contributing as writers, consultants, and producers. And the new NYC queer band of the dance scene has a brand spankin’ new video for “Off Our Backs” produced by the weird and wonderful K8 Hardy.

While I do appreciate the postmodern, post-Cindy-Sherman, aesthetic that many new music videos and art pieces are embracing, I think a small amount of cohesion could greatly benefit some of the work. And yet it’s perfect as a projection on a club wall.

MEN are most certainly poised to be the new “it” kids as we all succumb to summer’s coming dance fever. But I think I’m ready for the heat.

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