MUNCH: a new queer food column

Here at QPDX, we spend a lot of time munching on various things—salads, burritos, omelets, carpets (I can only vouch for myself here, although I have a feeling that the other writers here are equally suspect). Sometimes the world outside of the kitchen is pretty shitty. Research shows that there are

The author making chocolate balls.

The author making chocolate seduction balls.

things that you can stick in your mouth that will make you feel good. Sometimes you are hungry and there is nothing in the fridge (and alternately, no one in your bed).

That’s where this column comes in.

On a semi-regular basis I will profile places and things that are munchworthy and hella gay. Like martinis, cupcakes, pie, cock-and-balls donuts, Basic Rights Oregon’s Bites for Rites (June 19), Dinner at My House for Our House (Our House is a Portlan

d-based non-profit that helps people with HIV/AIDS live well). There will probably also be recipes, food seduction tips/stories and date place ideas.

For your reference, Munch is also “a casual lunch of dinner with other local people who have an interest or experience in BDSM and/or Fetish.”

Although the BDSM definition of munch will not be my focus initially, I may eventually munch a dirty munch.

The first post will be a profile of Vault Martini Lounge (226 NW 12th AVE), which hosts a monthly queer mixer, tonight 5pm-close. Drink proceeds from the night go directly to Q Center. $3.50 well drinks.

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