First-degree murder verdict in the Angie Zapata trial

With public defender Brad Martin, left, at his side, Allen Andrade waits for the jury to enter the courtroom in the Angie Zapata murder trial on Tuesday April 21, 2009. (AP Photo/Eric Bellamy)

Of course nothing will make up for or bring back the incredibly young transwoman brutally murdered last year in Colorado. But today the AP reports that jurors have reached a verdict, and that verdict is first-degree murder according to a live blog from Denver Westword Blogs.

The verdicts: Guilty of first-degree murder. Guilty of a bias-motivated crime. Guilty of motor vehicle theft. Guilty of identity theft.

When the judge read the verdict of first-degree murder, there was an audible sob from Andrade’s family. Zapata’s family is crying. But the courtroom is mostly silent, as the judge requested. He warned he wouldn’t tolerate outbursts.

I hope to soon live in a world where horrific crimes like these are a thing of the past, but I am glad the jury came to just a swift and just conclusion. Deliberation took only about 2 hours.

Sentencing will take place at 4pm today (so it is likely happening now) at which time we will hear from Zapata’s brother, Gonzo Zapata, in a post-sentencing statement. The family will not take questions.

After Gonzo Zapata speaks, District Attorney Ken Buck will speak. Then Kelly Costello, advocacy director for the Colorado Anti-Violence Program, will speak, as will Mindy Barton, legal director for the Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Community Center of Colorado. GLAAD is also likely to make a statement.

For more live blogs of the trial, eveidence summaries, and complete coverage catch up at Denver Westword.

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