Fat Fancy benefit at Fruitcake (a queer social)

How long have I been missing a new queer social night right in my neighborhood? I actually have no idea. But this Friday April 24th Fruitcake, a queer social night held at the absolutely adorable Rumpspankers Pub (700 NE Dekum), right on one of the next blossoming streets, hosts a special fundraiser for Fat Fancy.

All of us Northsiders have been clamoring for a club night in our hood for a couple years now. We’ve pinned some hopes on Fame, and while it’s a damn decent night, it’s also pretty far out there. Dekum is just right. And while I am saddened that my secret little spot for lunch and coffee does not seem to be a daytime hangout any more I am pretty stoked to see the kitschy wooden floors of the so fabulously named Rumpspankers become a queer night hangout.

DJs Freddie Fagula, Nolita and Ladyboy are not necessarily brand new to the Portland scene but this summer seems like it might be their season to shine. Rumpspankers is a pretty small venue for dancing but then again, so was the infamous Porky’s. I rather expect that even if I had to dance in place I will make it happen. Hey, I danced on a very tiny block of wood on the stage at Gaycation for almost 2 hours so it has got to be possible…

But it gets better. This particular Fruitcake is also a benefit for Fat Fancy, the monthly thrift store for the larger ladies and gentlemen. Beth Ditto may still be pulling for her own Topshop line, but back at home we’re making it happen already on a DIY level. That makes the 3 to 10 dollar sliding scale entrance even more palatable.

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