A quiet weekend, G Spot at Crush, E Room

Last weekend was intense. I went to FAME on wednesday, the RedCap for RuPaul’s drag race on Thursday, Crave and Portland is Burning on Friday, and Gaycation @ Holocene on Saturday.

G-SPOT @ Crush Bar on Thursdays

G-SPOT @ Crush Bar on Thursdays

No wonder my eyes (lots of cute people around), legs (dancing!!), arms (a boy’s gotta drink, no), and wallet are feeling pretty tired. And I know some of you (Hi Max! Hi Alley!) did part of that circuit with me, so you’re probably feeling the same way.So the good news is that this weekend seems to be a slow one, with only Fruitcake and a benefit for Rock Camp on our radar so far. That gives us all plenty of time to withdraw and regroup…

But, if you’re like me, and you just can’t sit still for too long, there is a new dance night at Crush Bar on thursdays called G Spot, and it’s being touted as a “no frills dance night” with cheap well drinks and $1 PBR’s. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to go out then 😉 We can always get our weekend fill of queer dance nights before the weekend, and then relax and do those chores that have been piling up! The E Room also has a queer live country dance band on offer for $5! Howdy!

7 comments to A quiet weekend, G Spot at Crush, E Room

  • adinalepp

    There’s also Double Down and a burlesque revue at Crush on Sunday..but then again, I’ll probably chose sleep over all else.

  • indeed, it is double down on saturday! I think i might skip this one though-too broke…I really don’t get why Double Down is $2 more than Gaycation. Anyone know?

  • brazil

    can you tell me more about Fruitcake and how often it happens? and where? 🙂

    thanks! <3

  • hey, brazil, it’s at a place called rumpspankers on 7th and dekum in north portland. I don’t know how often it happens, i’ve not been yet…

  • alleyhector

    The first Fruitcake was last night and it was gaymazing! I’ll be posting a full review by Monday.

  • Max

    Yes, we do seem to be on the same queerdancenight circuit. Fruitcake was a great turnout though I know Fat Fancy promo’d the hell out of it ’cause it was a benefit for them… i’ll be curious to see if they can keep the homomentum. Weeklies are hard to maintain, especially with so much happening in this town lately. But it’d be nice to have a dance night in the gayborhood, and the venue worked surprisingly well (it sorta had a house-party-esque feel, eh?)

    p.s. its funny that yall just posted about adding a calender ’cause i was just talking to Jodi a few days ago being like, QPDX needs to add a queer events calendar to their blog and they will be set. Great minds think alike eh.


  • brazil

    thanks for the review! unfortunately i missed fruitcake on friday, but i hope that it becomes a weekly or monthly thing… also-a calendar is a great idea! i keep my own little queer calendar in my cellphone and my friends are always asking me what’s going on. guess it’s the capricorn in me that has to keep everything organized! lol or maybe its my need to be around hot sweaty queers… 😉