Beau Breedlove interview on Logo tonight

Beau Breedlove

Thrust into the spotlight, the aptly named Beau Breedlove appears be navigating notoriety with skill, if not grace. A performer by nature, I’m not quite sure I believe his assertions that he dislikes the attention.

The young man currently embroiled in the Sam Adams sex scandal sat down with Ross Palombo of CBS News and will appear tonight on Logo.

From 365GayNews:

“What attracted you to him?” Palombo asked.

“Our friendship, his personality…” Breedlove said. “I thought he was very handsome, I thought he was very charismatic.”

The second time they met, the subject of Breedlove’s age came up.

Breedlove says Adams was surprised to learn he was 17.

“He was worried about the perception of our relationship at that time,” Breedlove told Palombo.

But not worried enough to stop their first kiss, Breedlove says, a kiss goodbye at the train station.

“It was a kiss, it caught me off guard, but it was mutual,” Breedlove said.

“He, the adult, knows you’re 17… but kisses you anyway?” Palombo asked.

“It just happened… It just happened,” Breedlove whispered.

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