Sam Adams will return to work tomorrow

From Adams’ communications director, Wade Nkrumah:

Adams: “I will work harder than I ever have in my life to meet the challenges facing our great city”

Today Adams released the following statement:

Tomorrow, I go back work as your mayor. I know I have let you down and made mistakes. I ask your forgiveness. I believe I have a lot to offer the city I love during this time of important challenges.

Beginning tomorrow morning, I will be back in my office doing the work that the last 20 years of public service have prepared me for. And my pledge to you is this: I will work harder than I ever have in my life to meet the challenges facing our great city. Tough economic times are creating record unemployment, strained city services, and the worst financial landscape for businesses since the Great Depression.

In the coming weeks and months, Portlanders will rightfully judge me not by my words, but by my ability to deliver results for them:
• To prioritize city spending to protect vital services such as public safety;
• To deliver on the 500 million dollar economic stimulus strategy to put Portlanders back to work;
• To improve our schools; and
• To continue to position Portland as the hub of this nation’s green economy;
As we push ahead together on these issues, each and every day — with lessons learned in hand — I will strive to regain your trust and faith in my ability to serve this city.

Thank you.

A video message to Portlanders will be available shortly.

4 comments to Sam Adams will return to work tomorrow

  • 1975Duck


    I am a white, male, heterosexual, married with kids, homophobe. Even though I supported Sam until recently, I think Sam should resign.

    I’ve appreciate your position that you feel the need to support Sam. I respect that.

    Sam said that he going to work on Monday. Can we agree that if Sam starts to make a fool of himself, the city of Portland, the state of Oregon, and the gay community … that we compassionately ask him to back off.

    If Sam is like Blagojevich, the deeper he gets into it the harder he will turn to strengths which will be counter-productive. Sam is a hard worker that bulldogs his way to results.

    RIght now he should probably lighten up, be less of a workaholic, and look for public trust.

    I think his natural instincts will make things worse and someone that he has trust in will need to be honest with him.

  • wep601

    I am glad that Sam is going back to work!

  • qpdx

    1975Duck –

    I think we’ve had a really good discussion. We certainly won’t agree on all points, nor do we have to. As this continues to play out I will continue to rethink my position as well.

    I’ve appreciated your thoughtful comments.

  • rtsf707

    Portland is more important than Sam Adams. As we go forward, let’s just bear in mind what is best for the town. If Sam’s staying on works for Portland, fine. We will all know soon enough. But he should consider himself “on probation” for the indefinite future. Fair enough?