Our new mayor, Sam Adams, sworn in today

New Mayor Sam Adams has already had his hands full with the winter weather

Updated: Sam Adams has been been publicly sworn in by openly lesbian Oregon state Supreme Court justice Virginia Linder.

Adams said the city’s “think-different, keep-it-real-culture” creates a unique environment.

The mayor promised to bring forth a “100-day plan” soon that will lay out his initial agenda, but he stressed the same themes that ran through his campaign for mayor: jobs, education and sustainability.

But you know you really care more about tonight’s celebratory bash anyway, don’t you?

From 5 to 7pm Portland City Hall (1221 SW 4th) will host a party featuring MarchFourth Marching Band, Transcan Joe and Batty’s Hippodrome. Food and drink will also be in attendance, though I don’t know if any are of the alcoholic variety…Adams has already started off on a very Portland foot with his first day on the job consisting of a visit to a comedy club though, so I’m guessing he throws a decent bash.

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