L word season finale

Alas, the second season of our favorite Los Angeles lesbian soap opera is at its end and our skinny starlets will be lost to us for another year. Will we be left with the questions such as: Will Bette and Tina get back together? How big will the baby be? Will Shane take a chance on real love? Will Ivan ever get a better haircut? I, for one, will be glued to my chair this Sunday night, lamenting the loss by 8 o’clock. The finale airs at 10pm eastern, so 7pm here, on Showtime, and repeats right away. For those without extended cable, or friends with Showtime, The E-room, at 3701 SE Division, shows last week’s episode Sunday at 7 and the new episode at 8:30. The screen is large but the room not particularly long, so show up early for a good view.

Our only consolation after this weekend will be the return of our other favorite all gay show, Queer as Folk, which premiers May 22nd for its 5th and final season. QAF will be appearing for the cable-less on the Monday following the show at CC Slaughters. I’ll update you on the time and particulars closer to the date.

Information and all kinds of pictures and chats and paraphernalia for both shows can be found on Showtime’s website.

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