Crave in review

The deck-mistress at Crave is really the only safe-for-work picture I can post from the night…

I feel a little guilty that I completely forgot to blog the emergence of a new night on the scene, Crave, which happened last Friday at Crush (1400 SE Morrison).

But I did attend, so a review is most certainly in order.

The verdict: It’s certainly a welcome addition to the scene.

My first thought was that I wanted to give Crave a mediocre review. Yet another night of lesbian carousing and too much drinking and drama. We need something new and different.

Then I realized I was being a little old and crotchety.

Crave did step it up a notch with beautifully colored cupcakes and scantily clad dancing girls to match. Yes, they may have also sported matching dyke haircuts, which can tend to get trite, but not all you young ‘uns have been partying as much as I have, so it’s probably still exciting.

The performances were fun, though not intensely innovative, and the music, spun on vinyl decks, was most certainly danceable. And the queers were most certainly tearing it up out there. And though the dance floor at Crush can feel somewhat cramped, it also brings to mind the sweaty closeness of Booty of days past, which can recall fond memories and make a damn decent night… even for a fogey like me.

So I’m giving ’em all the stars they deserve and urging you to check out the next party on Feb. 15 and every third Sunday after that. With its Mardi Gras theme it’s bound to be naughty, bead-filled fun. Too bad us oldtimers have to work the next day…

3 comments to Crave in review

  • lectique

    I think it would have been great if they’d turned the lights down a bit! It’s always so bright in there.

    Also, I know of at least two occasions of “stolen” (i.e too hastily removed by the glasses-collector) drinks-one was an almost full beer left unattended while we were outside for a smoke, and one was a vodka tonic with plenty of twist still in it.

    Otherwise: what alley said.

  • amydivine

    Since I don’t believe I’ve ever seen “fogey” used without the usual antecedent “old,” I had to do some worth sleuthing. Here is my report:

    “Fogey,” as the Oxford English Dictionary defines it, is “a disrespectful appellation for a man advanced in life, especially one with antiquated notions; an old-fashioned fellow.” The word (also spelled “fogy,” by the way) is probably Scottish in origin, but its ultimate roots are a bit uncertain. It’s possible that “fogey” is based on an antiquated sense of “foggy,” which meant “moss-covered,” but there is a theory that traces it to the Scottish word “foggie,” meaning a kind of brown bumblebee. [Ahem…]

    “Fogey” is almost always preceded by the slightly redundant “old,” but there are, indeed, “young fogeys.” The term is most often used to refer to a group of young but conservative writers and novelists in England who came to prominence in the early 1980s.

    Based on the foregoing, Alley, you are hardly a “fogey.” Moving on…

    The mixtress pictured on your post is none other than the fabulous DJ Zita. How ’bout a proper credit?

  • qpdx

    Myspace tags are not always specific with their labels. Now we all know it’s DJ Zita and she is tres fabu.