GBLT on TV in 2008

Rachel Maddow

From the big screen to the small we continue the great in ’08 countdown on queer entertainment. Today’s installment: the boob tube.

5 – As the World Turns and All My Children

Though daytime TV has always been a bit more ready to tackle queer issues, as we’re often relegated to soap opera status anyway, it’s not really surprising to see some gay drama.

That said, it is still fairly unusual to see hunky boys kissing so kudos to AWT‘s Luke and Noah’s steamy scenes (and Cyndi Lauper cameo).

All My Children brought back a popular lesbian character from way back in 2000 who is now all grown up with 2 kids and a female fiance.

4 – Reality TV

Luke and Noah kiss on ‘As the World Turns’

In general I’m not a big reality TV fan. But though I thought of putting dramas such as Grey’s Anatomy, House or Bones in this slot, truthfully all their bisexual depictions were lacking. AfterEllen says it best:

Back in June of this year, writer Malinda Lo reported that with the concurrent broadcast of Bravo’s Work Out, and Top Chef, Shot at Love 2 With Tila Tequila and Logo’s Gimme Sugar:

For the first time ever in television history, this week there are at least a dozen lesbian/bi women on prime-time TV in reality shows on three different networks….These women range in age from 20 to their late 30s, have many different interests and personalities, and even represent some diversity in race, with several Asian-American lesbian/bi women among them.

Not to mention all the boys and trannies on various reality TV shows. But the models get their own entry later on.

3 – Gossip Girl

The saucy teen CW show is all about the shock value so the revelation that Eric was gay probably took a back seat to Serena’s own confession. But there was plenty of controversy about the big ol’ teenage boy smoochfest and lord knows there’s some crazy Gossip Girl fanatics.

2 – America’s Next Top Model and Make Me a Supermodel

ANTM has had gay contestants on it’s show since Kim Stolz of Cycle 5 but this was the first time the all-female cast accepted a transwoman. With the visibility of model Isis, media darling Thomas Beatie and local Stu Rassmussen, it seems like this is the year trannies really make it mainstream.

While there were no trannies on Make Me a Supermodel, they did have bio men, which added a fresh perspective to the model competition show. There were both homos and heteros and I love that they not just intermingled but created a platonically coupled sensation with the bromance between straight Ben and the adorable Ronnie who was so crushed out on him.

Bronnie (Ben and Ronnie) from ‘Make Me a Supermodel’

1 – The Rachel Maddow Show

I never would have though a political pundit show would top my TV list. I am usually much more partial to dramas, sitcoms and entertainment culture in general. Now I get to be informed as well.

Rachel Maddow rocketed to MSNBC fame when she became the first lesbian anchor to host her own show. Not afraid to back down from Conservatives and fellow liberals alike, Maddow remains relevant, funny, and extremely cute. I know I know…I shouldn’t demean her incredibly smart and professional commentary but I’m not the only one to hone in on her look…Vogue thinks so too. And really, so does everyone else. Straight women, gay men and lesbians all love her, and I’m guessing so do greenie Portland men…

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  • malibubobby

    Hi Alley,

    Just discovered QPDX. Glad you’re here!

    But, how could you have missed BBC America’s ‘Torchwood’ in the GLBT on TV article?!? Not only is the main character played by cutie John Barrowman (openly gay and coupled), but his character is omni-sexual with a decided tilt to gay. Plenty of good man on man smooching is included in this very good spin-off from the new ‘Doctor Who.’ The series explores all the main characters at some depth, including one incredibly poignant episode dealing with Jack’s namesake and their struggle with love and being closeted in the face of an imminent danger.

    For gay scifi fans, this series is a huge relief from the inexplicable homophobia present in so much of the genre.

  • qpdx

    Actually I LOVE Torchwood. I’m a big fan of sci-fi, BBC and , of course queer culture so it’s actually one of my favorite shows. But it made the list last year! I don’t think I’ve seen a third season this year but then again it can be weird timing British show releases here. Anyway, here’s the link to last year’s TV bests, which includes a hot picture of Barrowman and his time traveling ex-boyfriend:

  • qpdx

    Oh, and great name btw…

  • amydivine

    I’m so glad you named Rachael as No. 1! I love her! She’s so smart and smooth and…le sigh!

    I wouldn’t even have known about the Vogue cover except for your blog, btw. 😉