Voting on marriage – an astute and satirical opinion

Over at My Oregon, a public blog which gives users a place to post their opinions, gripes, and general opinion and commentary about the issues that affect us all, one poster has a pretty funny, and quite astute criticism about voting on marriage equality.

Michael T. Bailey, of Northeast Portland says we should vote on all marriages.

Why not submit all marriage applications to a public vote? Given rates of divorce, abuse and incest it’s obvious that the institution needs more public scrutiny if it’s really to be saved…

…For example, I deeply oppose tall women marrying short men. In such cases I would vote no. Ugly couples should not marry. Nor should people with bad hair.

The comments below are also spot on. And that makes this whole absurd yet hilarious topic shift into social and political commentary that is truly poignant.

And as some added fun is this very scientific graph that is currently making the rounds on Reddit:

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