Poll: Death on the final season premiere of the ‘L Word’

This is not actually the body of the actress that will be dying on the show…

Yes, my fellow lesbian soap loving fans, the return of the L Word is inching ever closer. This January 18 Showtime begins the countdown to the final episode with a shocking, if not well-crafted, premiere.

The crux of the new and final season? One character is murdered, another takes the blame…

Check out the Whodunit?-esque season teaser below and tell me you’re not groaning just a little bit more than you already were.

I still maintain the show was most successful when it was making fun of itself.

We have no hints from Ilene Chaiken about the plot of the upcoming spin-off but I encourage you to post your own opinions below. At least we know that Leisha Hailey will be the star and while many may be disappointed that we won’t be seeing metrosexual heartthrob Shane in the new series, Alice is a solid choice. Before the spamming that pushed Bette over the top in our poll, the two were neck and neck.

AfterEllen theorizes that the sweet media maven Alice will be blamed for the death of Helena based on the fact that Helena is British and Leisha Hailey will be starring in the upcoming spin-off. I suppose this outlandish theory is as valid as any, although poor Alice hardly stands a chance in prison. I’d love to see Jenny try; and I’m sure Shane would make a fantastic jailhouse boy/girlfriend.

So who will “take her last breath” and who will “take the fall?” Take the poll and we’ll see who’s right in January…

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