Happy National Coming Out Day!

Today may be a big day for Lindsay Lohan or Clay Aiken (though I suppose any day you make half a million is a big day indeed) but it’s a bit old hat for me. Hey Mom, I’m gay! Can I have $500,000 dollars?

But my only somewhat intended cynicism aside, Happy National Coming Out Day. There are plenty of kids out there that need this day, whether they are in a place, both mentally and physically, where they are safe coming out. And I am proud to have celebrities come out, even if it took them long enough. It’s a day to celebrate our gayness and our ability to emerge from that dark dark closet. Congratulations to all of us that have come out and all that are coming out now. And to those that cannot I offer hope and support that someday being gay really won’t be a big deal and we all feel safe and loved.

(I know I know it’s from the HRC but it’s a sweet little video and well done. At least they do some things right…)

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  • litchick


    Of course you can have $500,000 although I have no idea where you will get it. 😎

    You know I love you more than my luggage!!