‘Creepy gay kid’ sings Happy Birthday

I can’t say I’m wildly impressed with the Marilyn Monroe inspired rendition of Happy Birthday that was performed by “the creepy gay kid” a.k.a. Sam Roberts on the Opie and Anthony Show this morning.

But I must be in the minority because the internet is all atwitter with the YouTube video of the young man rolling up his shirt to expose his hairy belly and bellowing out the song to comedian Bob Kelly.

I am not particularly offended by the show’s gay and creepy character because I have seen those kids and they are certainly fodder for comedy. Plus, I must admit does Roberts does seem to qualify as gay and creepy…But the 80s trailer trash shirt twist and the Monroe Mr. President birthday song? I could perform these acts in my sleep. It’s time to be impressed with better making fun out of gay culture YouTube videos, like Planet Unicorn, one of my personal faves.

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