Some more info on the departed Sluts and Squares

I just received a note from Sluts and Squares organizer Chris (aka DJ BigTrak, DJ Boy) who gave me some details about the sudden departure.

And while I wouldn’t characterize the breakup of SS and Rotture a messy divorce, there did seem to be some hurt feelings.

In Chris’s own words:

Our last night was on Saturday July 19th. On Sunday the 20th I checked Rotture’s MySpace page and noticed S+S had disappeared from their top friends. I didn’t think too much of this at the time since there could be a hundred reasons why something like that would happen.

A week later, DJ Corban informed me S+S had disappeared from Rotture’s calendar. I wrote the booker (Conrad Loebl), telling him I didn’t see our event on the calendar and could he please let me know what is going on. Three days passed and I heard nothing, so I wrote again and got this response:

“Sorry for lack of communication. PDX Pop Now kicked our asses and now I’m in Hawaii for a wedding. So I had got offered an amazing show on aug 23rd and had to take it. I’m really trying to build our saturdays and free up for more out of town acts and so I think it would be a good idea to pull the plug. Sorry again for the lack of communication, its been a crazy time at Rotture and I’m working hard to nail things out. Good luck with all future endeavors and thanks for your hard work.” ~ Conrad

So there you go. Over just like that…no going away party or anything. I’m not sure when he was going to tell me. My feeling is he was hoping I would *get the hint* and just go away.

Certain queer nights have gotten so popular in the last couple years that us weirdos have gotten used to taking up a big club space on a weekend night. Remember when we continually had to haul our cookies out on Wednesday and Thursday nights? I really don’t want to return to those times. But the reality is that our coveted spots are contingent upon attendance and if Sluts and Squares faltered an evening or two I’m not surprised that Rotture pulled the plug on the Saturday night event.

But us alterna-queers are a real audience in this town. It seems a poor PR move to yank a night that has attracted some significant crowds and fun without at least a going away party and some notice.

Luckily, Chris does not want to abandon the night and is actively looking for a new space. Any community help in this respect is greatly appreciated. Just drop me a line and I will put you in touch.

2 comments to Some more info on the departed Sluts and Squares

  • honeydarling

    I stopped going to Rotture a while ago because of the simple fact that cigarette smoke makes me allergic and makes me stink, and I don’t like it. This could also have something to do with my being an ex-smoker, and thus ultra sensitive about the whole thing.

    I really enjoyed the crowds at Rotture and felt sad that it wasn’t really accessible to me. I’ve spent a lot more time at Holocene ever since, perhaps not as excited about the clientele but glad for the smoke free air.

  • qpdx

    I do agree that I think Holocene has done it right on the smoking front. Smokers can chill outside in the summer or have access to their very own decorated friendly room in the winter. Servers don’t go in there so they don’t have to be exposed to smoke if they do not wish, nor do non-smoking patrons.

    Everyone’s happy!

    Now give me some cheap drink specials and I really will never leave Holocene.