My favorite New Kid on the Block is gay?

Jonathan Knight in the glory days

Everyone thought I was strange for liking the incredibly old (23 at the time…) and nondescript Jonathan Knight, when I was 9. It was the the late 80s/early 90s and the New Kids on the Block reigned supreme.

But something in my Tigerbeat-reading heart must have known that the man relegated to the background so that his nightingale-voiced brother Jordan could shine, was a fella that understood my, yet uncovered, queer yearnings.

As reported on Queerty and Perez Hilton this boy band veteran has been fairly open about his sexuality. He’s been caught smooching and canoodling at famed West Hollywood gay spot The Abbey with long-term boyfriend Harley, and an inside source has reportedly said: “Jonathan has a [non-famous] boyfriend and they’re very happy. They’re not trying to hide it.” The hottie in question has acted previously and is now a trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp in Los Angeles.

But Jonathan missed the boat on being the first boy band wonder to come out. That honor goes to pioneer frosted-tip Lance Bass. Nor am I at all sure he’ll make the cover of People Magazine. He may have been my New Kid of choice but he still lives in the shadow of Joey and Jordan, and any NKOTB fame is pretty far in the past. Could this be a publicity stunt aimed at bringing Jon his own career? A new brand of gay for pay?

More likely, it’s genuine, and it’s becoming easier to be out in the spotlight. Though I’m sure there are more boy-band members that remain in the closet. (I’m looking at you Ricky Martin. Who do you think you’re fooling?)

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