Britney Spears to be the new Tarantino lesbi-pulp star

Brit and Madge kiss at the 2003 VMAs

Quentin Tarantino is remaking the 1965 cult classic Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! and has chosen pop trashtress Britney Spears to play Varla, a thrill-seeking stripper who kills a man with her bare hands and beds women.

While the Cheeto-fingered Spears is usually seen as more of a danger to herself and her children than to desert-touring couples, the peppy popster might just be able to pull off lesbian seductress with a modicum of entertainment value.

Her one televised lesbian kiss, the famed smooch with Madge at the MTV Video Music Awards, was a a fairly sensual one, though I suppose Madonna could rope almost anyone into a decent on-screen kiss.

Spears may not be a generally accepted lesbian fantasy but her ability to flow from baby-doll pop chanteuse to trailer trash mom makes this evolution seem possible. Judging by Tarantino’s excellent casting for Grindhouse I have little doubt that the other 2 lead ladies will back up Spears with a satisfying pulp hotness.

But beyond the kitsch factor and excitement over re-creating grainy 60s style catfights, dykes do seem to be Hollywood’s new black. In this increasingly lesbi-chic era, will woman-on-woman loving be the new salvation?

Since being romantically linked to openly gay DJ Samantha Ronson, Lindsay Lohan has been in the headlines much more for her wholesome lady hand-holding than Coke binges or drunken car wrecks. Can merely playing a lesbian land Britney some of that same sought-after stability? If not, Brit may have to move into the real thing.

Does anyone know if Jenny Shimizu is currently single?

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