Does this qualify as “coming out” for Lindsay Lohan?

Sam and Lindsay celebrate Lilo’s 22nd birthday

Gossip rags around the globe seem to be taking Lindsay Lohan’s vague statements as a definitive confirmation that she and openly gay DJ pal Samantha Ronson are an item.

I just wanna live a happy, healthy year, continue on the path that I’ve been on and be with the person that I care about. And my family.

This recent quote, I believe, speaks more to Lohan’s desire to heal and grow up. Obviously Ronson is an important person in Lindsay’s life. And though she is tangentially part of the same Hollywood party crowd it does seem pretty clear that their partying together appears a healthier out and about experience for Lilo.

So whether their canoodling in Cannes led to more intense bedroom antics, whether they’re committed and/or monogamous I have no idea. Not only does this quote not say anything to answer these questions in a young, shifting, Hollywood world where gender and sexuality are increasingly fluid, but as usual, it’s none of our business either. And as much of a gossip monger and I can be, this time I actually don’t really care. It seems that whatever the relationship of these two ladies it’s leading Lohan to a better place. And because she can actually be a decent actress at times, I’m glad for that.

Sorry for the sappy estrogen-fest…

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