Booty reunites this Friday

Party people bust it out at the last Booty.

Those of us with some history in this town will remember Booty: Queer as Ye Be with fondness.

When Booty finally furled its sail last September and Portland lost all 3 founding members, it was a sad sad day. But still we drank through our tears. And this Friday, our loyalty will be rewarded.

Booty is back.

Crammed, in its early days, on the smoky, sweaty, dance floor at a little North Portland club called Porky’s, Booty was fueled by gender-ambiguous, dance-frenzied energy, cans of Sparks and 4 dollar pitchers.

The Booty Reunion this Friday the 1st is being hosted by uber-queer, crunk-as-you-wanna-be Old Town venue the Eagle Underground (NW 6th & Couch), and will feature 8 DJs including Stormy, Puppet, Horrid, Morocca, Kinetic, Jimme Jamma, Chelsea Starr and a special Miss Jackson set by Design of a DECADE. The original residents, Blow Pony regulars, special out of town guests and more should pack it out.

And the fun doesn’t end with drinks and dancing. You can have a chance to strut your stuff in the Walk the Plank Amateur Strip Contest. It will be judged by Casey’s “pro” strippers, and MC’d by special guests Bulimianne Rhapsody & Mallory Nutrition. This ain’t no tease however, so, whether you’ll be a spectator or performer, be expecting the full monty, my friends.

A mere 5 bucks gets you not only 2 levels of frolicking and debauchery but free PBR until midnight or the keg runs dry.

Now, that’s the true spirit of Booty I remember so well…

3 comments to Booty reunites this Friday

  • pdxmatt

    Do me a favor please.

    It’s unfortunate that such a great occasion has to be going on at Eagle PDX. The owner Karl Wilgus has several liens against him from former employees due to his lack of paying some of us the wages that are due to us. I’m not just an angry former employee, I have the court documentation to prove it. He is not a good person, if you see him inbetween dancing to great djs ask him about how he could afford to move the eagle across town, but ignore paying his employees…

  • qpdx

    I hadn’t heard any of these rumors but I will look into it. Any information you want to send my way is welcome.

  • pdxmatt

    I would love to. I can send you a lot of info. If you want BOLI can give you the info too. Just call them and ask for the claim against Karl Wilgus/eagle pdx/caseys. I don’t have the claim number handy at the moment.

    Here is a link to another blog that did a story about it.

    Also, the Just Out Archive
    Pages 6 and 7.