Your offline comments from Pride

My my but you are prolific! It’s taken me awhile to cull through the multiple fantastic comments you left on the comment sheet at our booth at Pride this weekend. Unfortunately there isn’t a great way for me to reproduce some of the adorable drawings I’ve taken the time to pull out many favorite bits of text. And remember, you can always comment online right here, every day!

In answer to “What’s hot?”
• Sam Adams has a great butt (and a sexy head of hair!)
• Hearts not parts!
• Homophobia is gay!!
• Cute women
• My partner April and our grandchildren, and Portland!
• A diverse Pride
• Boo boox
• Gay is cool! Go gay!
• I love boys with other boys
• Vancouver loves Portland
• Your mom
• OSU Beavers heart beavers!
• My GirlSpace Friend…
• I’m not gay but I love ’em!
• CSTS ’08, June 20, 21 Equality Now!
• Gay dad love my son
• Go, Sam, Go!

• I love my gay-friendly friend!
• “The” Mossy
• Stay Gay Portland!
• It’s my first Pride -n- I’m lovin’ it!
• The only way is gay!
• Happy, healthy and gay
• Outspoken essence of the universe
• Stay safe my love – Morgan
• Best wishes from Multnomah Co Health Dept

In answer to “What’s important to you”
• Miss you David Sellers San Franciso 1976
• Nicole and Carol SUPER queer
• Open Hands, Open hearts, PDX queer Os
• God loves gay people
• Mrs T Dyke. I <3 her • What about loud and proud families and inappropriate clothing?
• R.I.P. C.A.S. my biggest supporter!
• Politics, Mom and Bumblebear
• Zoo down with Pride
• You, beautiful
• Why do we use the word “queer” in our loving community?
• My future husband
• The Seattle Majestics
• More people at Pride
• R.E.M.
• Fairness in life?
• That Oregon outside of PDX is becoming so gay friendly that these initiatives will be a thing of the past!
• alysha casey all alone and single look for pink backpack
• My moms – n – I’m a penguin!
• You know who you are
• Couples activities
• Soy como soy y yo
• Troubled for life
• Creating a festival for autistic people in the vein of Pride
• Learning who I am
• Don’t use the time machine
• I want to talk about co-parenting conflicts
• Love is for everyone!

Poll: How well does PDX do in supporting the GLBTQ community?
5 Super – 23
4 Pretty good – 46
3 Just okay – 10
2 Rarely supportive – 0
1 Boo hiss – 0

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