Red Dress neligence

I’ve just had a letter from a somewhat disgruntled reader that, though the rest of the town (and indeed the rest of the country) is all atwitter over Portland’s recent Red Dress Party fundraiser, I hadn’t even mentioned it…even though Chelsea Clinton was in attendance!

Saturday, April 12th was the annual Red Dress Party in Portland. This is one of the biggest, most well-known parties in the Pacific Northwest, not to mention one of the biggest fund raisers for gay charities in Portland, and there wasn’t a single mention in your blog?…As “the” gay blogger for the largest paper in town, I would think you attended, or sent a proxy in your place….??!

Firstly, I would like to say he’s completely right. I missed the boat on this one. Luckily, other Portlanders did not. Just Out has a slew of blog posts as well as a grand gallery of photos including the former First Kiddo cavorting among the town’s once yearly cross-dressers. WW’s Byron Beck was especially excited to meet the young Clinton and he and his partner Juan look adorable in their picture with her.

So though I have no fond memories of my own to share I hope you’ll take this linkfest as some sort of penance. As for sending proxies to the events I can’t attend…though I may be “the gay” over here, I’m not quite famous enough to command my own OLive army. What I can do is implore you unpaid but interested readers to sent me firsthand accounts of local queer events, press releases and even debauchery…though those stories might get edited ever so slightly.

But in all seriousness I highly value your commentary, feedback and participation in this blog. QPDX belongs to you Portland. Thanks for being here (and queer!) for me.

Ms. Clinton and her new be-frocked friends

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