Just Out talks to State Senator Gary George (R-McMinnville)

Our local gay paper has caught the first interview with the State Senator, Gary George, who co-sponsored the initiative to repeal the recently enacted Oregon Equality Act.

It would be easy to dismiss his unabashedly homophobic words, but the reality is that some people will listen to a man in a position of power, no matter the level of absurdity. Even so, I still find it ironic that he wants queers so desperately to mature (emphasis theirs) while at the same time employing the very childish (and just plain rude) epithet “Shut up!” to retaliate against gay rights supporters.

Also, the reiteration of the term “special rights,” like a broken record, is tedious. Just as tedious, perhaps, as my tendency to talk about what I like to call this country’s “queer tax.” We consistently are indeed discriminated against, be it socially or financially, so we seek out equal rights. Unfortunately that means making laws against discrimination. Would that everyone in this country were already treated equally so we didn’t have to.

2 comments to Just Out talks to State Senator Gary George (R-McMinnville)

  • RockStrongo

    The entire George family are a bunch of a-holes.

  • wep601

    The whole thing just grieves me! To think that such ignorance surrounds us! {sigh}. I try to remain so optimistic, there is so much at stake for our families, our community. I hope that the majority of everyday Oregonians are NOT like these senators! I guess we will see in the coming months.