Obama’s snub of San Francisco’s “gay marriage mayor” Gavin Newsom comes back to haunt

And we thought the gossip and rumor mill was reserved for closeted celebrities and drug sniffing party girls. Not so. The political arena is rife with it’s own catfights. Towlroad, a prominent gay blog, recounts an instance several years ago when Obama refused to be photographed with Mayor Newsom, allegedly due to the controversy surrounding Newsom’s support of gay marriage.

I ain’t about to sling mud in either direction. It seems most politicians are pretty cowardly when it comes to fully supporting their gay constituents. And the higher they rise the more careful they must tread. Everyone’s beloved Bill Clinton was responsible for the ridiculous “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy that’s worked out so well for both gay and straight members of the military. And I’m quite sure Hilary has her own share of a shady things. But hey, there seems to be some credibility to this allegation so I figured it was worth putting out there.

I haven’t even really let myself think about who I might vote for in a primary, seeing as by the time it reaches Oregon I’m unlikely to really have a choice. So let me be the first to admit that I’m sure I’ll be voting my “lesser of two evils” Democratic party line come November. Hey, if our ballots were printed early I’d have at least had a chance to put a checkmark next to Kucinich. Alas.

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  • camilopost

    First, Gavin Newsom is a Hillary Clinton Super Delegate. Isn’t it funny how they waited to break the story until the evening before Super Tuesday, in the San Francisco Chronicle, the paper that endorsed Obama. This reeks of BS.

    Ex-SF Mayor Willie Brown told The Chronicle:

    “I gave a fundraiser, at his (Obama’s) request at the Waterfront restaurant,” said former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. “And he said to me, he would really appreciate it if he didn’t get his photo taken with my mayor. He said he would really not like to have his picture taken with Gavin.”

    Today, of course, Obama’s people are backpedaling away from that account like crazy. His deputy campaign director, Steve Hildebrand, who lives with his partner as an openly gay man, calls it “a ridiculous story.”

    “Barack Obama gets his picture taken with gay people all the time,” Hildebrand said. “Including me, his deputy campaign manager.”

    “They could attack Obama for a lot of things, but this isn’t one of them,” said Hildebrand. “And for this to pop up on the eve of the election is very suspicious. There’s just no truth to it.”

    To which Brown replies, “Why would I make it up?”

    I’ll tell you why…Slick Willie wants to be a PAID political commentator! Someone needs his name back out there, check out what KGO-TV had to say here: (from

    Willie Brown on the Presidential Race
    We start by asking Mayor Brown, “Barack or Hillary?” He wouldn’t bite. The mayor wants to work as a paid political commentator on television, so he’s keeping his personal opinions to himself.

    Anyone else smell a couple of San Francisco Establishment Democrat rats??? Yes Gavin, back in 2004 I thought you were doing something noble. Now, I think it was just so that the rest of the world would know your name. Same with Willie Brown. How is he going to get paid if he isn’t making noise.

    AND EVEN IF IT WAS TRUE…which I am not saying it is, Obama was not the only one. No Democrat wanted to have their name in the same sentence with Gavin Newsom back when all that was happening.