Maggie Gyllenhaal makes me speechless…

In the ongoing saga that is the Hollywood Writer’s Strike there is one site that provides union-supporting propaganda in a way that makes you realize just how funny and essential these writers and actors are. United Hollywood’s Speechless Without Writers video blog puts up a new video protest full of charm and wit every couple weeks.

My favorite, of course, features Maggie Gyllenhaal and 2 other ladies who happen to have a date with the same dude. However, the brazen AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers) stands them all up, leaving them no other option than to enjoy each other instead of their rude and insensitive “date.”

This link comes courtesy Amy, who also highlighted the clips best lines:

The best line: “You wanna make an interim agreement?”

2nd best line: “When we went out to dinner, AMPTP refused to tip a waiter 20% because he said he didn’t know how the restaurant business was going to pan out.”

The full BrightCove video is included below, or there’s the YouTube version for those of you who have a slightly slower connection.

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