Love letters and gay boyfriends

So, we have a lovely little project on the site where you can send your sweetheart a love letter for all the OLive world to see. Far be it for the cynic in me to call it cute, but I did have to start the project with a little shout out to my homegirls.

But the latest letter than came in absolutely stumped my coworkers. And the “Fish tacos and chipotle beer forever” title is certainly mystifying. But I took GBF to mean Gay BoyFriend, which I had to explain every lesbian, and most straight girls, have to have. Tell me you understand the need for your oppositely gendered gay soulmate and you’ll have my back. They seemed to think I was a bit off my rocker.

Now, it’s a pretty ambiguous love letter, but that’s my best guess. What do you think?

4 comments to Love letters and gay boyfriends

  • amydivine

    You hit the nail on the head, Alley. “GBF”s have been around f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Truman Capote and Harper Lee, anyone? and seems like I should be able to think of more…

    But I don’t know anyone I could call “Shmoopy” with a straight (sic) face.

  • RockStrongo

    They’re not called “— hags” anymore? Probably a good thing that they aren’t. Only Brady Quinn would use such coarse language.

  • qpdx

    Ah, but f**hag just implies a lady who is gay boyfriend promiscuous. Your real gay boyfriend is your true love…

  • RockStrongo

    I see. Very enlightening.