Domestic partnerships are now legal!

U.S. District Judge Michael Moseman has apparently lifted the injunction circa right this very minute (ok, circa 4:20). I’m not sure if that means you and your sweetie can hop in the car right now, but maybe you’ll be able to tie the knot by V Day…(Actually Monday…and she’ll be expecting a ring…and not cubic zirconium).

Though an appeal is expected ,what Moseman essentially said was that there was no constitutional right when you sign a petition to have the signature counted. And while this is, on some level, an odd way to think about it, the reality is that out-of-state entities were the driving force behind the attempt to invalidate the law in the first place. This is very much a state law. It provides no extra rights or protections federally. So we deserve to, at least, be masters of our own domain.

2 comments to Domestic partnerships are now legal!

  • toot35

    This is the reason my wife doesn’t vote any longer. One judge can come in and just wipe away what the MAJORITY of the people want. I’m on the same path.. WHY VOTE?

  • reflexblue

    it was about signing petitions, not voting, toots. but, hey, if you don’t see the point in voting against gay marriage you will have no arguments from me!