Domestic partnership debate club

The local queer blogosphere (wow, did you know there was one?) is abuzz in recent days with talk of the ways in which Oregon’s new Domestic Partnership laws are inadequate and hardly close to equaling those of our married peers.

Bryan Boyd of Gay Rights Watch looks at the name changing fee, which will cost $200 to reconcile your new Oregon name with your federal one. Without that passports, taxes, and other documents could be tricky.

The Merc’s resident lesbian Amy Ruiz talks to lesbian couple (my roommate’s best friend from high school actually) Sally Sparks and Heather Dugas about their recent hospital visit for the birth of their second child. Instead of having her name listed on the birth certificate as a second parent, Dugas was asked to fill out a form that was not legally binding, and only for informational purposes. The DP law is supposed to take away the need for expensive second parent adoptions, but hospitals are still conferring with the justice department on how to proceed.

I’ve ranted about these inequities for quite awhile, as well as other ways we have to give up more cash than heterosexual couples. I call it the “gay tax.” But what is potentially more interesting and productive is the Mercury sponsored debate club/discussion tonight at Rontom’s at 7 p.m. (6th and E Burnside). Aubrey Harrison of Basic Rights Oregon, and Cecil Prescod of Love Makes a Family will be there to answer questions such as:

• How does Oregon get from domestic partnerships for same-sex couples, to full marriage equality?

• Should domestic partnerships be expanded to be available to more than just same-sex couples?

• Is it time to cede the word “marriage” to religious groups, and focus on civil relationship recognition that’s equal across the board?

• Should government even be involved in people’s relationships?

There should also be time for audience questions.

Oh yeah and did I mention vodka specials? Politics is always more fun with alcohol right?

5 comments to Domestic partnership debate club

  • wep601

    This sounds really cool and really interesting! i wish I lived closer, I look forward to hearing about the outcomes of the discussions! 🙂

  • iloveoregon

    give an inch, take a mile….this is no surprise of course….

  • coaststeve

    I agree thing you know they’re gonna want to eat in our restuants, sit in our church pews, and drink out of the same water fountains as us…damn uppity gays..

  • RockStrongo

    Are we non-married heteros couples included in the new Domestic Partnership laws?

  • qpdx

    Rock – I don’t think so currently. I think that was one of the questions they were going to ask last night. Anyone go?